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Information Overload

In today's information age, internet is being bombarded with content every jiffy.

A paradox of choice

Navigating and accessing the web is difficult, inefficient and unworthy.

Pewdiepie youtube
revenue leak!!
Balaji Srinivasan: Applications:
Today & 2025

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💱 My Web3 Explorations
This collection has all the content I have consumed to get started with WEB 3. Feel free to explore and reach out to @timbresociety on twitter if you have any recommendations.
🔮 Gamer Junction
Curation to find all of the best clips from the gaming industry's best.
🍛 Best fusion food recipe
I’m a housewife who loves to experiment with fusion food for both my kids. This is a collection of all the recipes I have made for them.
🏜️ Design Resources
This resource contains all of the cool design-related stuff I discovered on the internet. This includes inspiration, tips, and case studies.
This is a resource bank of books, dpps, past papers and all essential material I went through for my JEE Mains and Advanced for the year 2020.

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We believe that great content is a piece of art, and if you are curating great content from the internet you are a digital art curator.

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